regularamanda (regularamanda) wrote in sanctuaryrumble,

Voting: Round 5 Challenge 5

Hey all, I'm posting the voting from the last round...myfloralbonnet will be posting the winners for this challenges and then Voting/Winners will be left in her hands, and I'll be giving reminders and posting the new challenges. :) Voting is through Friday November 5th.

Even if you're not entered in this round, you may still vote! Those that are entered in this round get 1 point for voting. Giving a reason isn't necessary but greatly appreciated and encouraged.


  • Don't vote for your own icon and do not ask anyone to vote for it. Don't share your icon until winners are announced.
  • Order of preference does matter.
  • Voting is through Friday November 5th.
  • Please use the form below to vote.

Tags: r5-challenge05, round5, voting
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