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Round 5 sign-ups

Are you ready to rumble?

Have no idea what a "rumble" is? For more details check out our user info.

Sign ups are now open! Leave a comment in this post if you'd like to sign up. Challenge 1 will begin on 14th June.
Everyone starts off with 2 points. And if you'd like extra points here's a few ways to do that:
  • For 1 point, Pimp the community in your Journal, Sanctuary, or graphics related community. You can get up to 3 points for that. (1 point each)
  • For 1 point, if someone joins because of you for round 1. You can get up to 2 points for that. (1 point each)
  • For 1 point, make a banner so that others can use to pimp. You can get 1 point for that.
Please leave a link to your Journal post(s) so that you can get the extra points! Also if you're joining because of another person, be sure to indicate who that person was so that they can get their bonus point!

Participants: (points)

whitelder  (2)
jasminago  (5)
galacticmist  (5)
daynawashere  (2)
regularamanda  (2)
boxeddreams  (2)
iwishiwerekerry  (5)
torzy86 (3)
scifigeek17 (4)

Feel free to use the banner at the top of the page made by me (iwishiwerekerry ) to pimp or to use one of these banners ;

(by galacticmist )

(by jasminago )

(by scifigeek17 )

I've uploaded it onto my photobucket so feel free to hotlink!
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