Swedish for "Smith" (colls) wrote in sanctuaryrumble,
Swedish for "Smith"

Round 4 - Sign ups

Are you ready to rumble?

COMMENT HERE if you'd like to participate in Round 4 @ sanctuaryrumble

What's a rumble? Check out our profile here for more details.

All participants who sign up before Challenge 1 launches automatically get 2 points for their opening tally. Bonus points closed, however sign ups are still open throughout the round.

Want some more points?
1 point (limit 3) if you have a referral who signs up for Round 4.
1 point (limit 2) if you pimp the community (in your LJ or in a Sanctuary or graphics related community). Feel free to use any banners on this post (hotlinking IS ok).
1 point (limit 1) if you make a banner to share with fellow pimpers.

In order to get your bonus points, please leave a comment here with a link to your pimp or your banner. If you were referred by another participant, please indicate it in your comment so that they can get their bonus point!

Round 4 Challenge 1 scheduled to start January 31st!!

participant (opening points)

agent_tomato (2)
xxkenziexx (2)
regularamanda (5)
starspank (2)
misshapenmuse (4)
iwishiwerekerry (4)
ladylinners (4)
jasminago (4)
whitelder (2)
atatteredrose (2)
boxeddreams (2)
kalena_henden (2)
tiah15 (2)
sraangel (3)
diek09 (0)

banner by ladylinners

banner by misshapenmuse

banner by iwishiwerekerry

banner by jasminago

banner by regularamanda

banner by sraangel
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