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Swedish for "Smith"

Round 3 - Signups!

Are you ready to rumble?

COMMENT HERE if you'd like to participate in Round 3 @ sanctuaryrumble

What's a rumble? Check out our profile here for more details.

ETA: Participants are still welcome to signup! Bonus points for signup will extend until voting is posted for Challenge 1!! After that, bonus points will remain available for referrals.
All participants who sign up before Challenge 1 launches automatically get 2 points for their opening tally.

Want some more points?
1 point (limit 3) if you have a referral who signs up for Round 3.
1 point (limit 2) if you pimp the community (in your LJ or in a Sanctuary or graphics related community).
1 point (limit 1) if you make a banner to share with fellow pimpers.

In order to get your bonus points, please leave a comment here with a link to your pimp or your banner. If you were referred by another participant, please indicate it in your comment so that they can get their bonus point!

Round 3 Challenge 1 scheduled to start October 3rd (one week before SEASON 2!!!)

participant (points)
galacticmist (2)
daynawashere (5)
xxkenziex (2)
jasminago (4)
regularamanda (2)
jenniferjensen (2)
whitelder (2)
iwishiwerekerry (4)
misshapenmuse (2)
ladylinners (4)
agent_tomato (2)
talkofcake (2)
replicartertje (4)
ofthedawn_x (3)

I'll load banners to my photobucket, so feel free to hotlink. (P.S. you can do the same with the one at the top of this post if you'd like)

by iwishiwerekerry

by ladylinners

by replicarterje

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