Swedish for "Smith" (colls) wrote in sanctuaryrumble,
Swedish for "Smith"

Round 2 ~ signups

Well, I had a blast with Round 1. I hope you did, too!
Now it's time for Round 2!

Please comment to this post if you wish to participate in Round 2 of  [info]sanctuaryrumble
What's a rumble? Check out our profile here for more details.

All participants who sign up during this kick-off phase will get 2 points for their opening tally.  

Want some more points?
1 point (limit 3) if you have a referral who signs up for Round2.
1 point (limit 2) if you pimp the community (in your LJ or in a comm ~ feel free to use a pimping banner on our profile 

In order to get your bonus points, please leave a comment here with a link to your pimp. If you were referred by another participant, please indicate it in your comment so that they can get their bonus point. 
*Updating other communities is fine (as long as it's within their rules), but please don't spam another community

Participants are still welcome to join at any point in the rumble, however, bonus points are no longer available after Saturday, May 16th.

Are you ready to rumble?

Participant list (points):

starspank  (3)
coffee_nebula  (2)
deaniebtvs  (3)
jenniferjensen  (2)
b_cs  (2)
aliline  (3)
ladylinners  (3)
jasminago  (3)
iwishiwerekerry  (3)
jacksrubberduck  (2)
silentsarah  (2)
missyvortexdv  (3)

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